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New York’s Oyster Week 

Beginning September 10th, New York devotes a week to the history, culture, cuisine, economy, and ecology of everybody’s favorite bivalve—the oyster. The mantra? “A rising tide floats all oyster boats.”

Restaurants around the city, from The Dutch to Oceana to Manzo at Eataly will feature special dishes. This is your opportunity to sample oyster sambar with green mango salad, little oyster sandwiches, and more.

Special events give you the opportunity to mingle with other oyster lovers. On the 16th, from 5-10PM on Governors Island, the NY Harbor Regatta Bash will feature an open bar, live reggae music, a full oyster bar, and specialties from restaurants around the city. Celebrate on other evenings with Oystoberfest and ShuckEasy—an opportunity to try ultra-premium, rare and exotic oysters paired with craft cocktails.