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Nashville Threads

As Nashville becomes ever hipper, so do residents’ wardrobes. To keep up, give Megan Glastetter a visit over at her boutique, Tennessee Chic. She certainly plays up the honky-tonk vibe—an outside sign reads “WE <3 BIG TRUCKS, HOT COWBOYS, COLD BEER & COUNTRY MUSIC.” Glastetter and her shop are the real deal. The fashion-forward business maven curates a selection of cool, easy-to-wear outfits and accessories. We asked her about the city’s burgeoning fashion community and what you should check out inside—and outside—her shop.
How would you describe Nashville’s fashion community?

Nashville’s fashion community has really started to make a name for itself. Nashville Fashion Week draws a bigger crowd every year and we have a lot of independent designers and local artisans. Tennessee Chic carries numerous local made products from various Nashville designers such as Hey Wanderer, DCXV, and Jean Blue Co. We love carrying local-made products—we get so many tourists that shop with us, and it lets them take a little bit of Nashville home with them. Each neighborhood of Nashville has a different vibe so you can get everything from edgy to vintage to hipster to trendy. We love the diversity.

What’s most rewarding + challenging about running a small business in Nashville?

Running a small business anywhere is both rewarding and challenging. One of the challenges I have is keeping up with the growing community of stores and businesses. You really have to be on top of your game, going one step further to give the best customer service and find new products to put in the store for customers. In our Nashville neighborhood, Hillsboro Village, there are about seven clothing boutiques, and we all carry a little something different. We really have something for everyone. One of the most rewarding things about being a small business owner, particularly in Nashville, is it’s a really cool community to be a part of. There are so many small businesses popping up and we all really root each other on. I love it when customers open their own boutiques and grow their own businesses.

Describe some of your favorite pieces in the shop right now. 

All of the pieces in the shop are like my children, so I love them all. Some of my favorite pieces for fall are our suede leggings, suede fringe vests, and of course flannel and plaid tops. We are known for carrying some of the softest flannel shirts ever!

What are your favorite spots in the city to visit when you’re not at work?

When I’m not at the store, I love going to Broadway to listen to music at one of the honky tonks (even though a lot of locals avoid Broadway like the plague) and grabbing drinks with friends in the Gulch. St. Anejo has an amazing brunch on the weekends and Up is a really cool rooftop bar where you can grab a bite and see the Nashville skyline. Catch a baseball game at the Nashville Sounds stadium, where they also have miniature golf, ping-pong, and a ton of other games—If you don’t like baseball, don’t worry because they have something for everyone!

And, of course, there is always live music all over the city all day, every day. The new Ascend Amphitheater is an amazing venue to catch a show right on the waterfront.