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Thompson Hotels Influencers X Sandi Falconer


Meet Sandi Falconer, an illustrator and screen printer from Canada.

We asked Sandi to illustrate our cities (Toronto, Chicago, Seattle, New York City, Playa del Carmen, and Cabo San Lucas) during everyone’s favorite season, Fall. Before we show them off, we caught up with Sandi to learn more about her, the creative process, where she gets inspired, and more.

Where are you from?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Where do you live now?

Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

What is your earliest artistic memory?

When I was a kid I used to like writing stories and drawing pictures to accompany them. I used to troll my Aunt by writing stories about her cooking called “Aunt Joan Surprise.” Nightmarish tales of surprise casseroles and mysterious ingredients.

Have you always known this is what you want to do?

I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, and I’ve always enjoyed making things, but my career was definitely not planned.

When did illustrating become a career?

I started out making cards and prints and selling them at local craft fairs and online while working my day job. Making things became a career when I quit that job in 2011 to start a business with a friend called Falconwright. We made printed leather bags and shipped them all over the world. In 2015 we closed up shop to pursue other interests. Now I split my time between illustrating for clients and running my own stationery company called Tough Luck. I like the balance and variety these two parts of my job give me!

Where do you go to get inspired?

Taking a walk always helps when I’ve been staring at my computer too long. Looking at all the amazing stuff my friends are making is always an inspiration too!

Is there a time of day or environment that is best for creating or illustrating?

The morning is always a great time for getting things done. When I’m drinking my second coffee, when the day still feels long.

What was the creative process for this assignment with Thompson Hotels?

I’m from Toronto and I’ve visited New York, but I’ve never been to the other 5 places in the series, so I spent time checking out lots of pictures. I start all my illustrations as black ink drawings on paper and then I scan and layer and colour them all in photoshop. I really wanted all of these pieces to look connected and cohesive so I used a colour scheme to tie them all together.

Do you have a favorite project or piece?

Right now I really like the Cabo piece from this series!

What is your most proud accomplishment?

Seeing a drawing in print is always such a pleasure.

Share something not many people may know about you.

I really like mini golf.

Favorite tool in art to work with?

A pentel brush pen & the photoshop eraser tool.

What is a typical work day like for you?

I wake up at 7:30, have a coffee, surf the web, and get to work around 9. My work schedule is flexible, which I love. Sometimes I work long and late, and sometimes I stop around dinner. It really all depends on what needs to be done.

Do you ever have Creative/Artist block? If so, how do you combat it?

Oh yeah of course. When I feel blocked I try to reduce my instagram consumption, get out of the house, or draw portraits of people in my sketchbook. Those 3 things all tend to help get me back on track.

Any dream collaborations or projects you’d love to do someday?

I’d love to create patterns for a clothing company or illustrate a book!