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Dinner and a Movie


Calling All Film Fanatics

When the cold hits, good evening plans require as little time outdoors as possible. At Alamo Drafthouse in downtown Brooklyn, you can eat dinner, watch a movie, and then have some drinks—all in one (indoor!) spot. The new theater will be showing big-time Oscar contenders such as Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea as well as the season’s biggest fantasies: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Arrival. Order dinner and cocktails in the theater. We hear the truffle parmesan butter popcorn is addictive, and the bowl is larger than your head. Salads, sandwiches, flatbreads, and other entrees are all good options if you want a fuller meal.

After the show, head to the downstairs bar, The House of Wax. The entrance functions as a wax museum, exhibiting a rare selection of waxwork sculptures. Celebrity death masks and realistic displays of anatomy are on view. So, uh, if you’re squeamish, it might be best to avoid the cases that show the developmental gestation of a human fetus or demonstrate a tracheotomy procedure.