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Laughing about Terrible Things


Louis C. K. Lightens The Mood

One of the most crotchety voices in comedy comes to Seattle on December 9th (at the WaMu theater) and 10th (at the Paramount theater). You think you’re good at complaining about the rain? Watch Louis C.K. paint an even bleaker picture of the world. Thankfully, he’ll give you plenty of comic relief. No matter how bad things get, there’ll always be laughs to soften the blow.

Seattle loves the comedian—he added the city’s second tour date back in September. The tour follows Louis C.K.’s decision to put his Emmy-award winning television show on hold. This year, he’s devoting himself to stand-up full time. Take advantage of the break. It’ll be an unforgettable performance.

Find tickets for the Seattle performances and others around the country here.