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Legendary Musicians in Music City

Out There

Nashville History Comes Alive

After you’ve had your fill of live music, explore music history at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Don’t miss the exhibit, Dylan, Cash, and the Nashville Cats, which closes on December 31st. The show explains how Bob Dylan ventured to Nashville in 1966 and recorded what eventually became Blonde on Blonde. Dylan also recorded Self Portrait, Nashville Skyline, and John Wesley Harding in the city, and the exhibition examines these albums as well. As Bob Dylan refuses to accept his Nobel Prize in Sweden this month, it’s a great time to review how Nashville helped make the artist the subversive, inimitable figure he is today.

The centerpiece of the exhibition comprises 16 listening booths, each devoted to a different Nashville Cat (David Briggs, Kenny Buttrey, Charlie Daniels, etc.). Read the artist bios, listen to audio samples, and transport yourself back to the Nashville of the 1960s and 1970s. In the Johnny Cash portion, see how the iconic musician bridged the old guard and new sounds in the city. Remember The Johnny Cash Show? Ah, the good old days.