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An Elevated Touring Experience

Out There

Above and Below Chicago

Leave it to a Second City-trained improv performer, Chicago native Margaret Hicks, to offer one of the city’s most entertaining walking tours. Just a little background on the quirky guide: this January, Hicks is attempting to spend a full week underground in the Chicago Pedway, the city’s underground network of tunnels and concourses connecting various transport hubs and retail / hospitality locations. Clearly, this woman is devoted to Chicago’s public structures.

Nearly every day this bitter winter, Hicks will lead funny, informative tours through her company, Chicago Elevated Tours. Her Badass Winter Tour (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) leads visitors to Maggie Daley Park, Millennium Park, and the lake. No worries—warming breaks are provided! If this still sounds too cold, take her Chicago Pedway Tour (Monday, Thursday, Saturday). Throughout the 90 minute experience, you’ll never once have to set foot outside. Get ready for some escalators, stairs, and revolving doors though. Hicks claims to never give the same tour twice. You’re always in for something new.