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Los Claros Contends for Cabo’s Best Tacos

If the phrases “smoked marlin,” “shrimp ceviche,” and “seafood soup” get your mouth watering, head over to Los Claros restaurant immediately. Their mascots, a shrimp and a marlin painted on the bright orange building, welcome visitors with their friendly handshake, as though they’ve made some delicious pact between themselves.

Rumor has it that the casual eatery makes the best seafood tacos in Cabo. No better way to find out than to eat there yourself. Fresh or fried, with tomato or meat, their fish comes in myriad forms, each more delicious than the next. You might have to make some return trips to sample the offerings that you missed on prior visits. One review calls it “Fish paradise.” Finish off your meal with some homemade flan.