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New York’s Knickers Come Out

Just when you think you’ve seen all the craziness New York has to offer, a bunch of commuters walk onto the train without any pants. Here’s your advance warning (or invitation, should you choose to participate): on January 8th, the Improv Everywhere comedy collective will orchestrate a citywide No Pants Subway Ride. This event is exactly what it sounds like. This winter weather can leave city dwellers yearning to shed a few layers, so the desire to go bare makes some sense. Get ready to see some seriously sun-deprived gams, though.

Started in 2002 with just 7 participants, the event has gained momentum worldwide. In 2015, Latvia tried to ban the event. In 2016, the Moscow ride led the organizer into a round of questioning with the officials. Pranksters in over 25 countries are now going barelegged to confuse the rest of their cities. Watch for what mayhem 2017’s iteration of the event brings.