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The Art of Running a Gallery

West Town is about to get an artsy new tenant. This spring, Richard Gray Gallery will open a new 5,000 square-foot exhibition space in the neighborhood. The elite gallery specializes in work by such luminaries of modern and contemporary art as Francis Bacon, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Alexander Calder, Roy Lichtenstein, and Robert Motherwell. They also represent some of today’s hottest living artists: Jim Dine (whose exhibition will inaugurate the new space), David Hockney, Alex Katz, Rashid Johnson, and more. We can’t wait to see what their upcoming program in this new, larger space holds. In the meantime, partner Valerie Carberry spoke to us about the Chicago art scene and what she loves about the city.

Describe Chicago’s art community and what the city uniquely offers for young artists. 

Chicago’s art community is supportive and truly diverse, thanks in large part to our extraordinary art schools which attract students from all over the world. Chicago stands out as a great home to artists because affordable, mixed-use studio and living space is not a two hour train ride away but in the heart of some of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

What can we look forward to this winter at Richard Gray, and what are you particularly excited for (at the gallery or just something art related in Chicago)?

This winter we are all hard at work preparing for the launch of our gallery expansion into the West Town neighborhood. We open our 5,000 square foot exhibition space in late April with with new paintings by Jim Dine.  It’s an exciting time of growth for the gallery.

Who are some artists you’re particularly interested in right now?

Sadie Benning’s show at The Renaissance Society is sharp and inventive. I also have Amanda Williams on my mind and look forward to seeing her next work.

Long day at work and you need a drink. What are some of your favorite spots, and why?

The bar at Avec is a longtime favorite for good reason. It’s perfect for a glass of wine and a bite before going to gallery openings in the West Loop. You can’t go wrong with a glass of champagne and a few oysters at GT. But my absolute favorite spot in Chicago after a long day is my own kitchen— my husband makes a delicious Manhattan.