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A Hip Date Night


Local Wine, Art, and Oysters

You can’t go wrong with wine and oysters on date night or Valentine’s Day. (Unless your date’s allergic to shellfish. Check on that, please). Throw a hip venue into the mix, and you’re all set. Plan an evening at the Brooklyn Oenology tasting room, where local grapes are king. The bar-restaurant makes its wine on Long Island and each bottle features the work of a different Brooklyn artist. Curious consumers can buy wine by a “taste” or a full glass. The menu lists notes about what, exactly, you can expect from each pour. You may also opt for a flight, sampling four wines at a time.

If you prefer other beverages, check out their extensive list of whiskies, ciders, and beers. Every Friday night is an oyster party (from 6pm on, enjoy $1 oysters), and the venue throws art receptions as well. Check out their full list of events for more date night ideas.