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Big Night with Big Bands


Beats of the 1940s

No matter where in the city you go, Nashville won’t let you forget its historic devotion to music. Across the airwaves, details about bluegrass, folk, alternative, western, and rockabilly music (and their intersection with jazz, rock, and world music) reach into all corners of Nashville. In particular, the weekly Music City Roots, Live From The Factory radio show preserves the city’s musical legacy. Each Wednesday night, the broadcast features four artists, short interviews, and a “Nashville Jam” at the end. If you haven’t already heard it, tune into WMOT/Roots Radio 89.5 or watch the Livestream.

On February 11th, The Music City Roots Big Band Special offers an opportunity to see—not just hear—a variety of performances at the historic War Memorial Auditorium. The Nashville Jazz Orchestra will play in addition to four other acts. A pre-show dance hour will warm up the crowd for the long evening of performances.