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Take a Glass Blowing Lesson  

Glass blowing is a pretty hot activity, literally! At Ignite Glass Studios, the craft involves using a “hot shop”—a room with a furnace, torches, and an oven. That’s what it takes to shape a new cylinder, bowl, or plate for yourself. By the end of a lesson, you can create your own new flatware. Check out the different workshop offerings for all different levels. From Glass I to a Drinking Glass Workshop, modules are structured around your previous glass knowledge and what you’d like to produce.

The high heat and delicate products might also be good for romance. Plan a date at the studio with private instruction. Come March, you can also sign up for a Saint Patrick’s Day pint glass making class. If you’d rather just buy the finished products, made by the experts, check out the shop. Signature line and seasonal goods include beautiful vases and bowls.

No longer just for college stoners, glass blowing can even be a team building event for you and your colleagues. Book a group event and get to know your office mates a bit better.