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The Birds and the Bees… of the Seas


Mating (Lecture) at the Museum

If evolution really turns you on, consider spending your Valentine’s Day at the Royal Ontario Museum, which will be presenting “Darwin Day Lecture: Sex in the Sea.” Ever wondered about the erotic and elaborate mating rituals of lobsters, squids, and whales? Here’s your chance to learn more. Researcher, author, and ecological advocate Dr. Marah J. Hardt, who works on combating the global overfishing crisis, will share the juiciest bits about the ecosystem and then information about the challenges it faces today.

The institution will also host a themed tour, entitled “All’s Fair in Love and War.” After you learn about the stories of sex, relationships, and murder behind the museum’s objects, you’ll never look at them the same way again. For better or worse, they just don’t make royals like Marie Antoinette anymore.

Sex in the Sea

Tuesday, February 14, 7:00—8:00pm (doors open at 6:30pm), reception to follow

All’s Fair in Love & War

Tuesday, February 14, 11:00am—12:00pm, meet at the Chen Court desk on the main level