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Yer A Wizard, Harry!


Or, at Least, You Can Feel Like One…On a Scavenger Hunt

There’s a lot to love about a good scavenger hunt. It taps into your competitive nature. It leads you on new adventures. Staying active and making memories, you can form new bonds with fellow hunters. In Chicago, leave it to the experts do the planning.

Watson Adventures, which has locations throughout the United States, offers multiple types of hunts to cater to all tastes. During the Wizard School Scavenger Hunt at the Art Institute of Chicago, search for art that evokes characters, places, and enchanted objects from the Harry Potter books and movies. You’ll gain a magical new perspective on the museum in the process. If dastardly crime piques your interest, choose the Field of Screams Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt, which begins at the Field Museum. Take a whirlwind tour from Ancient Egypt to the Pacific Islands, take part in a who-dun-it involving murdered museum staffers and a sacred Egyptian relic along the way. And if Nazi submarines, a mad scientist’s “worm lozenge,” and vintage race cars are more your speed? The Mad Science Scavenger Hunt at the Museum of Science & Industry has you covered.

Among these options, select whether you’d like to take a corporate hunt with the work crew, a private group hunt with your friends and family, or a public hunt where you might just scavenge up a new friend.