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All About the Booty


A Playwright Delves into R-Rated Material 

Bootycandy. Called “sassy and saucy” by The New York Post, the production offers some R-rated, semi-autobiographical entertainment from director and playwright Robert O’Hara. Be forewarned: nudity abounds, as well as profanity. The Chicago Tribune wrote that the play makes comedians Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor look like wimps. It also lauded the work as “intensely personal and highly courageous.” Follow the main character, Sutter, as he navigates race, sexuality, love, and life as a boy who’s gay and black. The cast includes Black Theatre Alliance award nominees Debrah Neal and Krystel McNeil and winner Osiris Khepera, as well as Jeff Award winner Robert Fenton.

O’Hara previously explored similar themes in his first play, Insurrection: Holding History, which came out when he was only 26. In the production, a graduate student travels back in time to meet one of his ancestors, a former slave and participant in Nat Turner’s rebellion. In the interim, O’Hara has written plays as well as delved into film: he penned a script for a Richard Pryor biopic (that has yet to be made) and directed a horror film entitled The Inheritance.

The production runs through April 15th. Buy your tickets here.