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Best of Bass 


New Beats Take Over Toronto

Since it emerged in the late 1980s, electronic dance music has become its own kind of religion, attracting devotees worldwide. Raves, nightclubs, and festivals all feature DJs mixing their own beats, putting on a new kind of show. An entire subculture has evolved—just take a look at the wild outfits that now grace the music festival circuit, and you’ll get a feel for the eccentricities that the genre has spawned.

For excellent listening (and perhaps even better people-watching), check out the offerings at this year’s Bassweek, from March 17th–25th. Venues throughout the city host acts that range from dubstep to drum & bass. On the opening evening, English drum and bass record producers Bad Company headline the festivities at Maison Mercer, one of Toronto’s most dynamic concert sites. Austrian duo Cabo and Krooked close out the week at Coda Nightclub. With acts from around the world, each evening will deepen your understanding of the genre while introducing you to new spots in the city.