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Beyond Playa

Out There

Swim Holes and Folk Art

Need to get out of the main drag for the day? Slow the pace down by taking a day trip to Valladolid, a sleepy town with many cenotes, or swimming holes, to choose from. Cenote hop from Ek Balam Cenote (a smaller, less crowded site) to Cenote Samula, from Cenote Zaci to Cenote Maya Park. Some of these spots offer tour guides to lead you, gathering the group for a communal lunch before rappelling down into the water.

After you dry off, head over to Casa de los Venados, a home filled with Mexican folk art. Two American art collectors from Chicago, John and Dorianne Venator, relocated to Playa del Carmen in 2000, bought a traditional colonial home, and turned it into private house museum that’s now open to the public (after over eight years of extensive remodeling, that is). They host various cultural events throughout the year.

If you want to take a deeper dive into the historical architecture of the city, book a tour. Return to Playa refreshed and ready for another tough day… at the beach.

Tours for Casa de los Venados begin at 10AM every day, no reservation required.