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Crazy for Cookbooks


Seattle’s Most Lucious Literary Destination 

With the rise of food blogs and Instagrammed meals, we’ve seriously raised the bar for food photography. With an iPhone, a steady hand, a good eye, and the right filter, you can now capture an eggs benedict in a way that will make your followers salivate. Yet, there’s still nothing quite like a well-done cookbook. Flipping through pages of gorgeous, mouthwatering imagery and the recipes that give you the hope that you might be able to recreate such masterpieces is proof that we can still appreciate analog experiences. There’s something aspirational about a cookbook, buying the object while already conceiving the ornate dinner parties you’ll host.

No matter what you want to cook, the Book Larder community cookbook store will offer some new ideas for your next culinary venture. Open since 2011, the shop carefully curates a selection of the best tomes. Stop by the shop for occasional readings and tastings as well. This March, hear Joy Wilson speak about her breakfast book, Over Easy on the 26th. On the 29th, Christina Arokiasamy (who penned The Malaysian Kitchen) will offer some of her own kitchen secrets.