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Grasshoppers and Other Grub

Food & Drink

Explore the Street Stalls

No matter how much you research before your trip, there’s always more inside scoop to any destination. What are the locals eating? What stories have long-time residents been keeping to themselves? Roaming the streets, which stalls and vendors have you been missing? 

Leave it to a pro to guide you through the hidden culinary gems in Playa del Carmen. Led by a Playa-based guide, this Viator tour will lead you through the rustic street stalls and into the small, authentic restaurants. Sample grasshopper-stuffed tacos and escaroles (ant eggs). Traditional favorites are on the day’s menu as well: cochinita pibil (slow-roasted pork), pozole (a spiced pork soup), and tamales (steamed and stuffed corn wrapped in banana leaves). And, of course, you can wash this all down with some tequila. Take it from us: this will be three hours of culinary surprises and delights.