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Become a Surfer in an Afternoon

We don’t have to preach about the appeal of surfing. Its practitioners look effortlessly cool as they balance on the sea. The sport seems to attract incredibly attractive people. Its venue—the beach—is far more alluring than any stadium. Even if you’ve never tried to stand on a board atop the water, chances are you’ve wondered just how good you’d look, paddling out to catch a wave.

If you’re down in Cabo San Lucas, now’s your chance. Surf lessons at Costa Azul make for lifetime memories. High Tide Sea Expeditions offer instruction for any novice anxious to get up and start riding the waves in an afternoon. The three-hour sessions, available at 9AM and 2PM, include transportation, surfboards, wetsuits, and refreshments and snacks while you hang out under the umbrella waiting to make your next attempt.

If you care less about sport and more about scenic views, check out the company’s alternate program, Stand Up Paddle and Snorkel at the Arch. Paddle around the bay, snorkel at Pelican Rock during a break, and appreciate the area’s vibrant marine life.