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Picnic in the Park


Celebrate Spring

As the weather warms, plan a picnic at Fannie Mae Dees park. A colorful, crowd-pleasing sculpture of a dragon that appears to weave into and out of the ground gives the spot its second name: Dragon Park. The park’s namesake (the human…not the mythical creature) was an activist who opposed a redevelopment project in the city. She fought until her death to save her home, which was located on property that developers wanted to seize for their own. Eventually, Metro purchased the land, which is now available for public use. At over seven acres, the space now features outdoor art, tennis courts, fruiting trees, and a children’s playground.

After you digest, walk to nearby Hillsboro Village, Vanderbilt University, or the Midtown business district. Enjoy the sun—before the oppressive summer heat sets in.