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Seeing Stars


Walk With the Greats

Who needs LA when you’ve got a great Walk of Fame here in Nashville? Visit Music City Walk of Fame Park in downtown Nashville to celebrate your favorite music industry professionals. Inductees include contemporary musicians such as television and music luminary Reba McEntire, Mr. Nicole Kidman (AKA Keith Urban), rocker Jack White, and seven-time Grammy Award winner Cece Wynans. Historic personalities such as Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix also have their own stars along the walk. The landmark reminds visitors—for the 24 hours per day that it’s open—just how integral music is to the city, especially at the ground level.

Induction ceremonies take place in the park, with new honorees (or their families) in attendance. And did you know that you can nominate a new star yourself? If you’re passionate about music and getting artists the recognition they deserve, submit a name or two.