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Go Green


A Community Space for Yoga, Dog Walks, and More

Visit Parque La Ceiba, the premier public, ecological, and cultural park in Playa del Carmen. With about 24,000 visitors per year and a diverse array of festivals and cultural events, the green space is a prime community destination. Walk along one of the many paths with your friends, family, or pet. Take a picnic break at one of the tables. Additionally, a variety of educational and exercise courses gather each week. From yoga to acrobatics, these provide opportunities to meet new people in a fun, informative way.

Hungry? Hit the cafetería for drinks and snacks (the empanadas look awesome). Read a book, drink a coffee, or get some work done (yes, they have wi-fi). Don’t miss El Sábado de Tianguis every third Saturday of the month, from 11AM through 6PM, for the monthly craft fair.