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Smyth Hotel X A.E. Kieren for Tribeca Film Festival

Art & Design

Beauty Through the Eye of the Artist

A.E Kieren is a freelance illustrator and performer. He specializes in on-location illustration for “sketch journalism” as well as for events and entertainment. He has sketched for the likes of; Salvatore Ferragamo, a range of celebrities, Entertainment Weekly, Billboard and Daily Front Row, just to name a few. During Tribeca Film Festival, Kieren showcased his unique talent behind the scenes at the Smyth Hotel press salon creating sketches of actors, directors and a host of film industry professionals.

We got a chance to chat with A.E. Kieren about his experience sketching during the Tribeca Film Festival. He said: “It was my pleasure to be on location at The Smyth Hotel working on sketches in real time of notable figures passing through the hotel to help promote their projects in the TriBeCa Film Festival.” To go from reading reviews of film premieres to drawing the starring actors and directors is a surreal experience. Everyone I’ve drawn was extremely nice, especially Burt Reynolds, Jon Bernthal, and Drew Hemingway. So far, I think my drawing of Drew Hemingway might be my favorite. Take a peek at some of the work I created over the weekend.”