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A Very Balanced Book Launch

Food & Drink

Healthy New Favorites with Local Chef Laura Lea

Just look at chef Laura Lea Goldberg’s website and try not to drool. From cookies to smoothie bowls, meatloaf to mushroom alfredo, her recipes are colorful, creative, and healthy. In 2013, the Nashville native ditched New York to return home. After interning at major NYC restaurants A.B.C. Kitchen and The Green Table and receiving her Holistic Chef certification from the Natural Gourmet Institute, Lea was ready to pursue her culinary dreams while enjoying, again, a little Southern comfort.

Don’t think that her time in the big city diminished her respect for Nashville tradition, either. As she writes on her blog: “Don’t get me wrong—the goal of LL Balanced is NOT to uproot or diminish the biscuit/caramel cake Nashville of my childhood. Goodness, no!!! Instead, my goal is to offer healthier versions of Southern classics and introduce new ideas about food, so that we can have our caramel cake and eat it too.”

Now, Lea is launching her cookbook full of 120+ simple, approachable recipes. On May 25th. Hear her speak at Parnassus Books and cheer on the local advocate of good food, cleanly made.