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Sensory Refreshment in the Gallery

Soon enough, the hunt for free air conditioning will be on. At the DePaul Art Museum, you can cool down with gratis admission as you explore the museum’s three spring exhibitions. They’ll make you reconsider the boundaries between art and social practice, colonialism in Vietnam, and the political implications of hairstyles.

Through June 18th, A Matter of Conscience investigates the ways that artists respond to politics and societal concerns. The range of exhibited media—activist posters, documentary photographs, drawings, prints, and collages—reveal the diversity of approaches from practitioners such as Betye Saar, Andy Warhol, and Garry Winogrand. In Vessels of Genealogies, dig into Dominican-American artist Firelei Báez’s large scale drawings, textiles, and paintings, which take inspiration from sources as disparate as Persian miniature painting and science fiction. Finally, in To Name It is to See It, local artist Hương Ngô uses photographs, textiles, prints, neon, video, sound, and objects to reinterpret the surveillance archives of a Vietnamese anti-colonial organizer. Walking through the three shows will be a very multimedia experience indeed.