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Giving Space to Seattle

Lovecitylove bills itself as “an experiment that synthesizes space.” After transforming five vacant, looming buildings around Seattle into community spaces, the organization seeks to revitalize the city’s architecture while bringing its people together. Lovecitylove has hosted art shows and pop-up shops, offered yoga classes, and produced ongoing music and dance collaborations. They attempt “to be more intentional about creating an authentic culture that gives space for emerging artistic collaborations, for people of all ages, backgrounds and economic means to experience and participate in artistic experiences that weave us together as a unified whole.” Recently, they hosted an album release and a zine release party for area artists.

As discussions about the ills of gentrification rage on in cities across the country, this kind of adaptive reuse project is a welcome addition to the community. If you’re looking for a hip event venue, contact the Lovecitylove crew. If you’re looking for some snazzy bags, clothes, or prints, check out their online store.