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Get ready for Fleet Week! From May 24th through May 30th, sailor suits will infiltrate the city. Nearly every year since 1984, thousands of sailors, marines, and coast guardsmen from the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard have docked in Manhattan for a celebration of their services. Check out a host of events throughout the city.

Flagship Brewery will host a music festival on Staten Island—that borough you’ve been meaning to check out forever. Stick around for a brewery tour (available Saturdays at 2:30PM and 4:00PM) and sample their beer. The Intrepid Museum will host a Salute to Freedom Gala on May 25th, a Top Gun screening on May 26th, a battle of the big bands + swing dancing on May 27th, and more. If you’re just in this for the boats, don’t miss the parade of ships on May 24th.