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Rave with Roe

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Fish Egg Fiesta

When Lonely Planet begins its description of a nightclub as “Crazy. Just crazy,” you know you’re in for a good time. At El Squid Roe, prepare yourself for Jello shots, table dancing, and tequila congo lines. Spot the bright red roof and the neon glow emanating from inside. Once you’ve entered, grab some inflatable headgear (aka twisted balloons) to adorn yourself and let the fun begin. Sip out of giant glasses and order some nachos. If you don’t want to dance, grab a seat and get prepared to do some serious people watching. The characters in this joint can entertain for hours. Whatever your age, you’re always young enough to enjoy the antics El Squid Roe serves up nightly.


10:00AM–4:00AM daily