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A Class in Glass

Art & Design

Skilled Artisans and a Shifting Substance 

Glass is a mysterious substance, neither a liquid nor a solid. According to Scientific American, the material is an amorphous solid, between the two different states of matter—though people still fight about this topic. Glass can flow slowly, its molecules shifting into new formations over time. The material becomes ever more intriguing when you see the studios where experts shape it into everyday objects.

Visit Baja Blown Glass Factory, where skilled artisans demonstrate their craft. According to the site, glassmaking was accidentally discovered around 3000 B.C., and glassblowing began around 100 B.C. The age-old techniques are a delight to watch—hot, melting liquid shapes itself around a spinning pole while the artisans blow and further sculpt the substance. Plus, purchase some fabulous gifts. Chandeliers, cups, bowls, and decorative objects are all on offer. If you’re in town for a while and itching to unleash your creativity, take a class. Go home with your own handmade piece.

Gallery Hours

Monday–Friday: 8AM—8PM

Saturday: 8AM–1PM

Contact for Holiday Hours