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A Mangrove and More


Sustainable Tourism

Visit the Sian Ka’an Biosphere, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987 for its unique biodiversity. Experts have identified at least 379 species of birds in the Reserve, which covers 1.3 million acres (the largest protected coastal area in Mexico). That’s just the start: over 84 species of coral and 1048 species of flora populate Sian Ka’an. Stay a while and scope out manatees, turtles, monkeys, crocodiles, storks, ocelots, flamingos, sharks, and more.

Low impact eco tours are your best bet. Birdwatch at sunset (romantic!), travel down the Sian Ka’an canal by boat, or snorkel in the Mesoamerican Reef. There’s some awesome fly fishing too: the lagoons here are famous for attracting world-renowned sportsmen. These sustainable tours offer you the benefits of nature…while you help preserve it.