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An Intro to Cabo


Welcome to Town

There are many ways to enjoy a city. Our favorite? Letting the experts give us an overview when we get to town, then making our plans from there. If this sounds like your desired vacation style, we’ve got a tour for that. The Deluxe City Tour introduces visitors to Cabo’s sights, sounds, and flavors throughout a six-hour journey.

First stop: watching local artisans in San Lucas. Glassblowers create gorgeous, fragile objects while weavers spin traditional textiles. Next: a glass-bottom boat ride on clear blue water. As a cool sea breeze blows, enjoy the sights—Lover’s Beach, the famous arch, and Land’s End (where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific). Head to El Mirador afterward, then stop in San Jose for lunch and tequila. A shot, apparently, is Cabo’s best get-to-know-you handshake.