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Creative Displays

We love museums. They give us the chance to see old masterworks and historical objects, discover new artists, and trust the curatorial staff to provide some guidance as to what we’re looking at. Museums are comfortable, cool, and reliable. But sometimes we want something a little…weirder.

If you’re in the same boat, consider visiting the Touching Ground Festival. A series of events throughout June will, according to the website, explore “the Indigenous and layered histories and current sounds, sights, and voices of the area, while also making connections across the city and the country.” Basically, you’re in for an adventure.

On June 13th, view a series of short videos featuring a whimsical opera and a puppetry improvisation. On June 23th, attend a showcase of work created by this year’s Toronto Arts Council micro-grant recipients. That weekend, a large-scale immersive performance and installation will unite the community in a participatory spectacle.

No matter what event you attend, we guarantee you’ll leave with a new perspective.