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A Glittering Procession

New York has its share of parades. Memorial Day, July 4th, Chinese Lunar New Year, Pride, West Indian American Day Parade… the list continues. You’ll be hard-pressed, however, to find one more beloved than the Mermaid Parade (which falls on June 17th this year). Since 1983, crowds have been flocking to Coney Island to watch a wild procession of elaborately costumed marchers. If chunky anchor necklaces, tons of glitter, and fish tails are your thing, don’t miss it. This is a celebration for celebration’s sake: not only is there no affiliated holiday, but the occasion also commemorates something that isn’t even real. If you’re into Splash or The Little Mermaid, or you need some inspiration for your own mermaid hair, don’t miss the event.

Come for the glitter, stay for the boardwalk. Once the festivities end, grab a Nathan’s hot dog, visit, the beach, or take a spin on the Ferris wheel. Take the rest of the day to enjoy one of New York’s most iconic destinations.

The parade begins at 1 PM. If you want to register to march in the parade, click here.