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Ruins, Without the Crowds


An Archeological Adventure

Skip the lines! If the Mayans knew just what many of their buildings have become—prime selfie-taking destinations for the masses—who knows what they would think? Enjoy a more intimate experience with the history and stone at the Muyil Ruins. We hear you won’t have to compete for sight-seeing space. Just south of Tulum off the 207 highway, the ruins are comprised of a nearly 56 foot tall Castillo (castle) and surrounding structures. A loose gravel path leads to the majestic form. Just beyond, you’ll see a path to a wooden hut. If you choose, you can pay a minimal fee and enter the trail into the Sian Ka’an Biosphere, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walk through the quiet woods, watch the burbling cenotes (sinkholes), and then climb four stories to the top of the observation tower. You’ll get an amazing view of the treetops, lagoon, and land beyond. You can see, from here, the natural view that once so attracted the Mayans.