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Summer Skewers and Seafood

Food & Drink

New Menu Hits The Nest

Poke alert! Poke alert! Raw fish madness is hitting the country, and Thompson Seattle is diving right in. Head to The Nest, the hotel’s rooftop bar, and you’ll find a delectable albacore and steelhead version with cucumber, nori, and tobiko on the new menu. It’s a light, refreshing treat for a hot day. Not into fish? Try the Bon Chon, or Korean potato salad with kimchi and grilled rapini.

If you, like Chef Derek, believe that summer food = grilled food, we recommend the skewers: shishito peppers, pork belly, steak, chicken, prawns, and foraged mushrooms for carnivores and veg-heads alike. The full menu reflects the rich Asian cultural influence in Seattle and the chef’s own experiences living in Japan as a teenager. Back then, his favorite late night snacks after an evening of carousing were skewers from local street vendors. Let the tradition continue!

Skewer options will rotate seasonally to include local seafood and produce. The fantastic view will always stay the same.