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Surf Advice from a Pro

Mauricio Rivero is living the dream. The surf enthusiast moved to Cabo in 2005 to work on a real estate venture. While it’s an exciting profession, it’s the sport that really keeps him here. Rivero is still surfing… and contributing to the culture. His shop, Surfsipuedes (surf if you can) offers its own boards and other related products that Rivero handpicks from the sport’s biggest brands. Rivero offered some suggestions for Cabo surfers. From secrets on how to choose the right board—and where to catch the best waves—read on.

How did you decide to open a surf shop in Cabo?

I’ve been passionate about surfing since I took up the sport at twelve-years-old. I’ve traveled internationally to surf and have always loved walking into surf shops all around the world and seeing the cool products. In 2005, I launched my brand, Surfsipuedes, which means “surf if you can” (my preferred interpretation) or “surf if you are able to.” Back in 2009, my wife and I decided to turn her small women´s accessories store into one of Cabo´s few core surf shops. Obviously, I named it Surfsipuedes and did my best to fill it with cool products from the best industry brands.

I understand you moved to Cabo to become involved in a beachfront development in 2005. What led you to fall in love with the area, and what keeps you there?

I first moved to Cabo in 2005 to take part in the development of a high end residential development, “El Encanto de la Laguna”. I must admit that during my first interview (which was also my first trip to Cabo), I was uncertain about moving out to San Jose del Cabo to build homes. However, my close friend Aaron Wesselink took me surfing on the East Cape and we had a magic evening session in warm, uncrowded head high surf. I was sold. I left everything behind and moved to Cabo. Here, I’m merging my two passions: real estate and surfing.

Favorite spots in Cabo? For the best waves, and a beer after?

As you get to know this magical town, it becomes harder and harder to chose a favorite spot. I love Costa Azul, where I surf most mornings. In this area, my favorite destination for breakfast or a cold beer after surfing is 7 Seas Seafood Grill. I also like to get a good juice or smoothie from Jugos Mazatlan when I surf the sand bar and get dehydrated from the long walk back in the scorching sun. Another one of my favorite surf spots is the East Cape and my favorite wave is Shipwrecks. Nothing compares! I love going out there so much that I proposed to my wife on that beach. In town, one of my favorite spots is Monuments Beach, right out front of the Cape. That’s also one of my favorite places to hang out, play some pool, and have a drink while watching the waves break in front of the famous arch. It’s great for meeting up with friends for dinner and drinks on the rooftop terrace. I’ve celebrated my birthday and Father´s Day at the Cape. It´s a wonderful place to go with friends or family.

For all of us beginners…what are the most important factors in choosing a surfboard?

As with any type of design, surfboard design is always evolving. The current tendency is making boards shorter, wider, thicker and much, much lighter. However, surfboard design evolves around one factor, flotation, which can be measured by the volume of the board. For beginners, flotation is the most important factor. The surfboard must float you very well so that you can catch waves easily. It should be wide so that it is stable enough. Most people start off on longboards or funboards and then gradually move on to shorter and shorter boards. I like to ride a 5´8″, epoxy, “huracan” model by Surfsipuedes surfboards. This model is great because it provides me with the right flotation for my size and weight. It’s fast and allows me to flow through flatter sections. One good board makes all the difference…Surfsipuedes!