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Beer, Skate, Design

Watch out for designer Cameron Harapiak. A recent Toronto transplant, he’s building a name for himself in the world of design while curating an Instagram that exudes cool: you’ll find sexy typeface juxtaposed with gorgeous scenery, pictures of himself and his friends, and plenty of dudes skateboarding. The guy’s got great style, a strong aesthetic sense, and a keen eye. We’re excited to see what’s next.

On your site, you write that your pastime is “skateboarder and cheap beer enthusiast.” What are your favorite spots in Toronto for skateboarding and cheap beer?

I moved to Toronto at the beginning of May 2017, so I’m fairly new when it comes to hot spots around the city. The local skate park I’ve been going to quite a bit is Dufferin Grove. It’s a dried-out hockey arena with obstacles set up everywhere. The bank to ledge [skating structure] is my favorite.

Coming from the suburbs, there were only a handful of homies who skated. At local parks, it was mainly young, inexperienced kids riding scooters. It’s amazing to move to a place that has such a prominent skate scene.

For beer, I’m always either discovering or being shown new spots. Bloordale Village has a ton of great low-key dive bars. To name a few: Orchard, Bar Neon, and Burdock.

How did you become interested in design, and what keeps you working in the field?

Design wasn’t my first choice coming out of school. I started pursuing a film career at Sheridan [a Canadian university] and took a one-year media fundamentals program. It wasn’t for me. I found that I was spending less time practicing film and spending more time in Illustrator and Photoshop. I then went to Humber College for a three-year graphic design program. That’s when I discovered my love for typography.

A lot of my drive comes from my co-workers. I work as a junior designer at OneMethod, a digital design agency. Everyone shares the same energy and passion for the work we produce. That drives me to push myself.

Favorite editorial photographers / designers whose work you really admire right now?

My list is pretty long, but to name a few: David M. Smith, Andrew Fairclough, Brendan Prince, Amy & Jennifer Hood, Lucas Young, Ben Johnston and Nick Slater. Also, Matt Jumper and Michael Kazimierszuk have some wicked photography.

What’s your dream design job?

Custom type is my passion. If I could eventually make it a full-time job, I’d be happy. But I’d love to paint large scale murals too. Something about the idea of seeing my own work blown up on a brick wall makes me feel all starry-eyed.