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World Class Cocktails

The menu at Canon, one of the world’s best cocktail bars, offers sage advice: “Alcohol, eggs, sex, undercooked foods and most enjoyable things in life can and will kill you if you give them enough time. Live life to the fullest until then.” And if you want to indulge, this bar is a great place to do so. The spot holds a 4,000 label collection of liquor, an alluring food menu (pork belly bun, marrow, lamb tartare, jerk duck breast), and a cocktail list that begs to be revisited over and over and over again.

Drinks arrive in a variety of inventive containers—glasses shaped like gnomes, owls, and birds; a coconut, a lightbulb, and a cup with a skull on the front. Bartenders even set one of the drinks, Elementary, on fire. And just look at the ingredients! The Toucan Gin Fizz features Froot Loop milk, orange blossom water, gin, fresh lemon, egg white, and mallow fire. In other options, you’ll find butterfly pea flower, chocolate, peach-habanero shrub, meringue, and something called “banana zing with cream smoke.” Plus, you’ve got classic cocktails, wine, and draft beer. Honestly, the only downside to this place is how difficult it will be for you to make an ordering decision.