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All Day Namaste


Summer Among the Sculptures

Seattle has a fabulous sculpture park—take advantage of it! On July 15th and 22nd, the Seattle Art Museum holds Summer at Sam, an all-day outdoor celebration. Yoga and Zumba classes will refresh your body and spirit beginning at sun up (the first class starts at 9AM!). Among the world class works in Olympic Sculpture Park, your creative energies might get flowing as well. Just interested in learning more about the park itself? A public tour at 1PM guides you through the history and constructions that make it iconic. Family field day on the 29th offers activities for little ones too. From 11AM to 3PM, art making, performances, family-friendly yoga, and community partner activities will keep everyone engaged for hours.

Need to duck into the air conditioning? Check out the can’t-miss, world-class Yayoi Kusama exhibition, filled with the artist’s famous pumpkins and infinity room mirrors. This, too, is fun for all ages.