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Cool off with Contemporary Art

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Gallery Going 

Before the galleries close for August, hit some fun summer shows. The cool white cube spaces are a perfect escape from the summer heat. While the beaches always offer a nice break from city smells, sometimes you just need a little #culture. No need to be an art aficionado either. We’re recommending multi-media exhibitions you’ll be able to enjoy no matter your background. This is work that pushes the boundaries of how art can both look and sound.

At Gagosian Gallery, Carsten Höller offers selfie-ready reflective surfaces and a veritable art playground for adults. The show includes giant mushrooms, massive dice, and hyperreal fish. A former student of natural sciences, the artist seeks to bring ideas about the natural world into unnatural spaces. At Pace, Leo Villarreal is showing mind-bending LED pieces. In the dark gallery, his works glimmer as the lights blink on and off in wavy patterns. One work hangs from the ceiling like a massive, gleaming chandelier. Ferdinand KRIWET’s sound and picture collages at Luhring Augustine add an auditory dimension to the visual experience. Inspired by Beat poetry and pop art, KRIWET appropriates mass media to analyze the ways that television, advertising, and commercial photography affect our psyches. Sound bites from radio broadcasts add to the noise.