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French Toast Madness

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Mama’s Decadent Breakfasts

As Mama’s Royal Cafe lets you know on a giant yellow sign in the middle of the restaurant, they’re “probably the best breakfast restaurant in the whole country.” Underneath, they boast “the world’s best french toast.” Upon reading the Yelp write-ups, it appears they may be correct. One commenter affirms that the french toast is “amazingly yummy.” Another beings his review with “Yoooo this place is BOMB.” Stuffed with ricotta and cream cheese and topped with fruit and pecans, flambé in orange liqueur, the french toast is a decadent hit. Eaters also enjoy the chilaquiles, the huevos divorciados (fried eggs with different sauces) with chorizo, and the fresh fruit juices.

Chef-owner Spencer Moore opened the restaurant in 1991 and has been offering some of the region’s favorite morning food ever since. Whether you’re in the mood for one of their 40 types of omelets or a mimosa, you’re certain to find something on their massive menu.