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Monkey See, Monkey Do


Primate Heaven

While you’re in Playa del Carmen, visit a site that will place monkeys at the top of your “cute animal list.” Baby goats and puppies have nothing on the spider monkeys at the Jungle Place Spider Monkey Sanctuary. The shelter provides food, housing, access to medical care, and love to the endangered species. The owners founded the center after a 1999 visit to Playa del Carmen, when a local woman tried to sell them an injured, malnourished baby spider monkey as a pet. They discovered that the illegal pet trade had led to his—and many other monkeys’—dire circumstances. The couple opened the sanctuary to make a difference in the community and give the animals the care they deserved.

Contact the Sanctuary to book a tour of the buildings and grounds. All tour donations contribute to the care and feeding of the rescued animals. Walk away with unforgettable memories of these gentle, adorable creatures.