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Beauty and the Boutique

Poppy & Monroe is Nashville’s wellness nirvana. The city’s source for natural products, manis + pedis, and other beauty bar services is also a welcoming, gorgeously-designed, locally-run business. Two former hospitality executives, Karen Kops and Sherri Coates, took over a restored 1870s row house in the Germantown neighborhood and never looked back. If you spot their pink door, walk right in: behind it lie brilliant beauty solutions. The pair discussed their past careers, summer nail trends, and more.

How would you describe the Nashville beauty community? I see you carry a few local brands.

We see Nashville as very progressive with beauty and wellness trends, in part because many East and West Coast transplants now reside here. The Nashville community as a whole is so warm and welcoming. Even though many of the natural beauty brands we carry weren’t very well known when we started our shop, people were so open-minded and encouraging. We love being part of such a tight-knit city and we try to promote local makers as much as possible. It’s so wonderful to be able to drive to a local vendor to pick up an out of stock item for a customer that has to have it before going out of town. We feel so lucky to work with so many Nashville locals.

You both have executive experience in the hospitality industry. How does that shape your partnership and your business overall? 

Being from that field, (Karen on the Design side, Sherri in Sales) we wanted to create a total sensory “experience” for our customers when they walk through our pink door. We want everyone to feel so glad they’ve found us. We do all we can during their visit to make sure they feel listened to and cared for. We’ve created a self-care sanctuary in our converted row home that hopefully allows our guests to feel at peace while they are here. We are big believers in the mood-altering effects of color, art, light, and sound. We’ve worked to incorporate these into the guest experience. In addition to providing services, our retail boutique allows our clients to make the most of their precious down time. They can shop our curated selection of natural bath and beauty products, candles, jewelry and even handbags (we love local designers Ceri Hoover and Lilyan James). The boutique is a great stop after a service, but we also see many customers pop in simply to shop, since we carry a unique assortment of natural beauty favorites.

You emphasize that you use clean, natural products. What are some of the most common product-buying mistakes people make, and what are a few great, clean alternatives that you carry? 

There are no mistakes—it’s just about choices and information. With more information coming out about the benefits of natural products, we are excited to see the industry providing more options. I’d say the biggest things people want to be cautious about are deodorants (avoid ones with aluminum if possible) as they have been shown to have some links to breast cancer and fragrance as they may contain hormone disrupters.  We carry excellent non-toxic versions of both items. We are relentless about testing as many products as possible so we can be sure that anything on our shelves in truly best in class. Check out our IG feed series #whythisnotthat for some of our other favorite clean beauty swaps. It’s been fun sharing this information with our followers in this easy-to-digest way.

Describe some major nail trends for the summer.

We are seeing a lot of natural nails this summer. Whether it’s nude polish or just a buff to shine for a totally clean look. we’re really into the less-is-more trend. On the nail art side, we’ve been doing a lot of sea glass and stone art (think rose quartz, green bottle glass) along with pop-abstract florals.

On the nail product side, we just released our first nail oil! We’ve combined magical frankincense, rosehip, and pomegranate oils with soothing jojoba and argan to create a serum that heals all your nail and cuticle woes. We’ve been concocting and testing the oil for nearly six months. We’re thrilled that it’s finally here!