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Bon Appétit, Playa! 

At La Cueva del Chango, you’ll find one of Playa del Carmen’s dreamiest restaurant settings to complement some of the region’s best food. Featuring lush vegetation, a pond, and wooden tables and chairs, the eatery serves top notch regional cuisine in a natural, alluring setting. Overhead hanging lamps and strings of lights along trees up the charm. Whether you’re in the mood for coconut soup, fresh papaya salad, or tuna wrapped in a banana leaf, the menu will always delight. Owner Pedro Eduardo Gomez Rosales told us how he landed at the restaurant and offered some wine suggestions as well.

Describe how you came to live in Playa del Carmen and what led you to open La Cueva del Chango.

I moved from Mexico City 27 years ago. I was supposed to come and work for the season but liked it so much that I decided to stay. After a while, I met Wolf, the original owner of La Cueva del Chango, and some years later I was lucky enough to have the chance to rent this great restaurant.

You have multiple “events,” which are special multi-course menus. How did you develop these, and is there anything new and exciting in the mix? 

We have the regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus . But we also have the events menu. These were done to have more options and full menus for any special occasion.

At La Cueva del Chango, you serve Mexican wines. Describe three recent discoveries and why visitors should give them a try. 

We only have Mexican wines. We believe they can be as good as any other wines from elsewhere. We can recommend, for example, a Pinot Noir called Don Leo, Fusione Villa Montefiori (Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot), and also a Shiraz from Casa Madero. They are all very good red wines.

What are you most looking forward to in Playa del Carmen this summer and early fall?

We are already in the summer season, and very happy to be having a great one!