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Fashion and portrait photographer, Sophie Elgort discusses her favorite places in Toronto.

Can you tell us about what inspires your photography?

Real life especially when I’m traveling inspires me. I see vignettes on the streets of different cities, like someone up above leaning out over their balcony in the morning as I’m passing by below, and it’s inspiration for a photoshoot. I also am inspired by locations – recently I had my dad take a picture of me (I had nobody else around to photograph) in my childhood bedroom which is all red, wearing red spotted pajamas that matched exactly and a bath towel around my head. I had the image in my head before we did the shot and it often happens like that and then I try to get the shot to match what’s in my head.

What are some things that you like about Toronto as a city?

I like that Toronto is a walking city and it’s really beautiful too.

Any travel tips or recommendations you would give someone visiting Toronto?

Visit Yorkville, I love that area.

Can you tell us about your stay at the Thompson Toronto? Any key highlights or memorable moments?

Coffee by the pool in the morning on the roof is unbeatable. The views are spectacular and it’s so quiet up there, it’s like you have the whole city to yourself.