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Xtra Xensory

Out There

An All-Ages Amusement Park

Sometimes, you need a vacation from your vacation. Playa del Carmen’s wonderful eateries, beaches, and galleries all offer days of excitement and relaxation. But if you’re looking for another, multi sensory adventure here’s another suggestion. The new Xenses Park features more than fifteen activities for all ages. Throughout a five hour experience, you’ll swim in salt and mud rivers, hike through caverns, take selfies in visual puns and optical illusions, tour a garden, and learn about different ecosystems in the Xensatorium. A mirror labyrinth, a perspective-shifting town, and a garden where you can take a drink from a lemon tree all await.

A visit to Xenses Park ensures that you’ll wake up your five senses—and maybe more than that. Check out the park’s website, where they list other sensations that theorists are now arguing should be considered “senses” as well. These include proprioception, which relates to movement and balance, and nociception, the body’s ability to detect potential damage.