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Good Food, Good Fun

Want to know where to eat in Toronto? Ask Hubert Leung. The local physiotherapist-cum-food blogger runs the site Good Food Toronto, where you can find posts on food contests, menu launches, recipes, and restaurant reviews. A skilled photographer, Leung documents his special culinary experiences on both the blog and his Instagram handle, goodfoodtoronto. Below, Leung chats with us about the city, new openings, how he maintains his certified foodie status while working a day job.

How did you end up in Toronto, and what keeps you there?
I was born and raised in Toronto and started my blog, Good Food Toronto, in 2009. I work full time as a Physiotherapist and a Food Blogger. What keeps me in Toronto is my obsessive love for food and eating out. The availability of food in the city from around the world ensures that I will never run out of places to eat. I love that Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, with cultural diversity extending to surrounding areas including Markham, Brampton, Mississauga, and Richmond Hill. There is always something to do in Toronto in terms of entertainment, food, and culture.  My friends and family are also a big reason that I’m here.

What food-related events or restaurant and bar openings are you looking forward to this fall?
I’m excited for the opening of two small restaurants called Ama and Omai. Ama will be serving up Argentine fare and is the first restaurant venture from Sebastian Gallucci, who owns the popular Che Food Truck. Omai is a new Japanese sake bar opening up on the food-filled Baldwin Street in downtown Toronto. I love Omai’s concept of a small sake bar that specializes in hand rolls. Also excited for the newly opened Goose Island Brewhouse on The Esplanade and the recently reopened Patois for some Jamaican-Chinese food.

How does your work as a physiotherapist intersect with or support your work as a food blogger?
It keeps me busy, as I work full time as a physiotherapist and attend food events and tastings across the city almost every day. I have been food blogging for almost nine years now, and it’s become part of my life. Both these jobs complement each other because they contribute to the lifestyle I want to promote—good food, good health, good life.

Any tips for aspiring food-stagrammers and bloggers?
It’s all about finding the right angle for the content that you post. Good content comes in many forms, and it is most important to enjoy the content that you create whether it’s writing blog posts or posting pictures on Instagram. Show your passion and love for food by making people hungry with mouth-watering content. Also go out and meet the people you connect with on social media in real life!