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Caffeinated Design

If you’ve visited Coffee LAB—Cabo’s hippest spot to caffeinate—you’ve probably appreciated the chic, natural design that makes the shop feel both laid back and intricately planned. You’ve got Gerry Rivero, head of RIMA Architecture Design BUILD to thank for that. Since 2009, he and his team have planned both residential and commercial buildings in Mexico, China, and the US that evince a sense of calm and comfort. Below, Rivero speaks about the evolution of Mexican art and design, in addition to his own work.

Name three major trends you’re seeing in Mexican architecture and design. Why do you think these are happening?

I am seeing how Mexican industrial and textile designers are influencing the field of architecture by working with traditional mediums and artisans. Mexican architecture and design has been on the world map for some time, and this is making us more conscious about what we design. Mexican design is also influenced by the rich culture of Mexico and what we eat. One major trend is a new concentration on food—our gastronomic experiences take Mexico to another level and drives affiliated design to a higher place. This is happening in Mexico now, and it’s going to continue as the world keeps investing interest in our culture, our country, and the people that live in it.

You own one of the hippest cafes in Cabo. Describe how you recognized the need for the space, how it’s become a community hub, and what design elements you think contribute to its popularity. 

I have been living in Los Cabos for almost ten years, and previously I lived in Venice Beach, CA and Mexico City. I always crave specialty coffee and a community space dedicated to young professionals who are making a difference in San Jose del Cabo. My passion for contemporary design for the Baja made this cafe an extroverted space, where the inside and outside blur into one urban community space.

What makes Cabo a good place to set up shop as an architecture or design studio?

For the outdoor enthusiasts, Los Cabos is a place where you can LIVE and LOVE what you do all at once. It’s a hotspot destination close to major influential cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico City, and Houston, which like to keep Cabo on the radar. During the last few years, I have been working on design projects locally and also in these major cities.

Describe your path to working for RIMA and what keeps you there… Any upcoming projects you’re especially excited about? 

Having Coffee LAB as part of the daily life of those who work at RIMA is inspiring for us and our work. We make our projects as exciting as our work space, and we design them to accommodate a lifestyle our clients desire to have here in the Baja. As Coffee LAB has become part of a cultural hub, we are also excited to design and build a cultural retreat for a private client who wants to have an artist-in-residence program here in San Jose del Cabo, near the marina of Puerto Los Cabos.